Oak Street Exchange

Alin Leslie Featured in St. Pete Life’s Annual Women in Business Edition

January, 2024 – St. Petersburg, FL

Oak Street Exchange founder, Alin Leslie featured in St. Pete Life's Annual Women in Business January 2024 edition.

This special issue pays tribute to the hardworking women of St. Petersburg who play a vital role in fostering the city’s well-being and entrepreneurial spirit. 

The annual Women in Business feature offers an intimate glimpse into the inspiring stories of these remarkable women, serving as a testament to the resilience and dedication that defines their journeys. 

This edition honors the countless women across the region whose stories deserve recognition. Alin is honored to join the ranks of St. Pete Life’s Women in Business, each of whom brings a unique focus and vision to persevere and succeed. Together, we celebrate our successes, community contributions and shared commitment to thriving as women in business. Here’s to the incredible women making a difference in St. Petersburg and beyond.

From the Article…

As the creator, founder, and mastermind behind Dollylocks Organic Products, Alin’s expertise in the hair industry has earned her global recognition, allowing her to showcase her talents at international fashion events and develop curriculum and educational programs for leading brands.

Her engagement in organizations such as the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce, St. Pete Art Alliance, Downtown Business Association, and the Florida Economic Club, and as Vice President in her HOA, mirrors her commitment to fostering artistic endeavors and business growth within the community. Beyond her professional accolades, Alin’s heart beats for philanthropy. Her dedication to various local non-profits underscores her passion for raising awareness and support for charitable causes.

Alin has embarked on her latest venture—Oak Street Exchange. Located at 10787 Oak Street NE in St. Pete. This Creative Event Space embodies her vision of ‘Exchange,’ a hub where creativity thrives and collaborations flourish! 

Amongst this 6,000 square-foot masterpiece is a haven where artistry meets functionality! Revel in the on-site hair salon designed for education and editorial/styling while experiencing the versatility of a yoga studio curated for impactful corporate presentations. Entertain in the upstairs kitchen/ living area, a luxurious space that exudes comfort and elegance. For those seeking refuge, indulge in the comfort of four private rooms, ensuring a serene overnight stay. Set amidst two acres of lush greenery, this locale is a canvas for creativity!

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