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Brooke's Butterfly Bash Donors at Oak Street Exchange

Celebrating Gratitude: A Night of Appreciation as Brooke’s Butterfly Bash Donors Shine at Oak Street Exchange

August 12, 2023 – St. Petersburg, FL

In the spirit of gratitude and community, Brooke's Butterfly Bash hosted a Donor Appreciation Night at the all-new Oak Street Exchange in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The event was a poignant testament to the incredible journey of Brooke’s Butterfly Bash, an initiative born out of the persistent efforts to raise awareness for Pediatric Lupus in our local community.

Founded by Denise Brown, Brooke’s Butterfly Bash has traversed a significant path since its inception, driven by a steadfast commitment to consistently share awareness about Pediatric Lupus. Denise, having tragically lost her daughter Brooke to pediatric lupus, found solace and strength in creating a platform that makes a meaningful difference.

The heartfelt sentiments expressed by Denise capture the essence of the night: “Persistency in consistency of sharing Pediatric Lupus awareness in our community has made a difference! I couldn’t have done it without these amazing people, and their support, love, and appreciation of what we are accomplishing.”

A special note of appreciation was extended to Oak Street Exchange and its founder, Alin Leslie, a dedicated supporter throughout the past few years. Denise expressed gratitude for the Alin’s unwavering commitment and continual dedication to the cause. She acknowledged, “This new venue of hers shined as bright as a full moon, providing the perfect setting for our heartfelt celebration.”

The evening was filled with gratitude and appreciation as Denise thanked all past, present, and future supporters, recognizing the collective efforts that are making a tangible difference in the lives of children in the Tampa Bay area.

Denise emphasized the ongoing impact of the organization’s work and extended an invitation: “Together, we are making a difference in these children’s lives in our Tampa Bay. If you want to be involved or know of kids in our community who need our support, reach out to me. I would love to find more children and those families to help.”

The Donor Appreciation Night at Oak Street Exchange encapsulated the spirit of community, gratitude, and positive impact. It echoed the resilience and commitment of Denise Brown and all supporters who have turned a personal tragedy into a beacon of hope for children facing the challenges of Pediatric Lupus.

As the event concluded, the sense of unity and purpose lingered, fueling the determination to continue making a difference in the lives of children in Tampa Bay. Through Brooke’s Butterfly Bash, Denise and her supporters are not just raising awareness; they are providing hope, tangible assistance and invaluable support to those who need it most.

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